piqid - photo intelligence quotient identification


  Pick your PIQ and PIQUE your brain. Precisely identify the PIX and you might pick a prize!
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PIQID is a simple, academically fun, and completely free game. Please pass it along.


How To Play:
1: Select ONLY ONE PIQ.
2: You have 2 guesses: 2 for 1 PIQ (1 per day) or 2 for 2 PIQs (same day).
3: E-mail your answer in this format: PIQ #, your answer, and your brief conclusion.
4: The first e-mail I receive with the correct answer in the correct format wins.
5: Only the winners will receive an e-mail confirming their win.
(See The Rules below for more details)

PIQ#4:                                                                                           Click Here To Answer
Date Posted: Tue, 15-July-08 20:50
Currently $70.00

Click on each pix to enlarge.

Identify (1) city, (2) town, (3) landmark and its closest (4) bridge.

Clue #1:
Name of an archer prince.
Clue #2: The Lady sits on an island.
Clue #3: It began as a fortress.
Clue #4:
The Pontiff unites the divided towns as one people.
Clue #5: A heart with nine arterial veins.
Clue #6: Three narrow minded Archbishops.


Challenge your knowledge and exercise your deductive reasoning skills.
Have fun learning!


PIQ#5: Lake Stevens                                                                   $30.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Date Posted: Tue, 23-July-08 23:45

Winner: Tim S. from SMH
Lake Stevens

Wed, 20-Aug-2008, 14:05
How did he find the answer? I googled it and looked up the 38 SEA 8 Eve and 1040 Acr and came up with Lake Stevens.

Click on each pix to enlarge.

Clue #1:
38 Sea, 8 Eve, 1040 Acr.
Clue #2: It suffered two fires within six years.
Clue #3: Its population doubled in 2007.
Clue #4: The first Ferry that never sailed was quickly replaced.

PIQ#3: Dash Point                                                                                         $50.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Reference: http://parks.wa.gov/parkpage.asp?selectedpark=Dash Point&pageno=1

Winner: Julie I. from SMH
Dash Point

Wed, 16-Jul-2008, 08:00
How did she find the answer? She recently visited the park and the 2nd picture looked familiar to her.

More PIX (click on each pix to enlarge):



Fact #1:
Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.
Fact #2: It has been called a few different names.


PIQ#2: Discovery Park                                                                                 $25.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Reference: http://www.vrseattle.com/pages/browse.php?cat_id=65

Winner: Gary C. from SMH
Discovery Park

Tue, 15-Jul-2008, 13:44
How did he find the answer?
Very quickly, Google.





More PIX (click on each pix to enlarge):




Fact #1:
Named after a vessel.
Fact #2: Wildlife sanctuary.

PIQ#1: Elliott Bay Marina                                                           $100.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Reference: http://www.epa.gov/owow/nps/marinas/ch10.html

Winner: Sherra B. from SMH
Elliott Bay Marina

Tue, 08-July-2008, 11:48AM
How did she find the answer? Sherra Googled the facts but yielded no results.  She then resorted to Google Images and found a photo with a tree similar to the one in the pix.  Quite a good eye there Sherra, well done!






More PIX (click on each pix to enlarge):

Fact #1: This place opened in 1991.
Fact #2: It took 12 years to plan.                 
Fact #3: It cost $50 million to develop. 
Fact #4: A 5-year habitat testing program was required for the building permit.
Fact #5: It has 1,200 slips or moors.
Fact #6:
There are 3 restaurants in this place.


TheRules (subject to change)...

1: Select only 1 PIQ# Game to play.
2: You have 2 guesses: 2 for 1 PIQ (1 per day - providing the PIQ hasn't been identified) or 2 for 2 PIQs (same day).
3: Answer only on the same PIQ# you are playing.

4: Your answer must Include the PIQ# Game, and your brief conclusion.
5: The first e-mail I receive with the correct answer and  conclusion wins.
6: Play another PIQ# after you have used all your tries on a game you are already playing or if that game has ended.
7: Current winners won't be eligible to win the prize after 5 new winners.  Current winners can play again for fun.
8: Consolation winners can forfeit their prize to play on another PIQ or accept the prize and wait until eligible to win again.
9: Use all the resources available to you.  Search, research, learn, and have fun!
10: The prize's value of each PIQ may increase or decrease as the game progresses.
11: Your e-mail address will remain confidential between PIQID.com and yourself only.

Photography by Zonnie Toledo

Copyright © 2008 Zonnie Toledo




$70 - PIQ #4


Date Posted: Tue 20-Aug-08 23:06
PIQId will pause until September (TBA).  The games have been a success with some minor issues.  The new website is currently being developed to make the games more efficient and easier to navigate.  To all, thank you for playing PIQId!  PIQ#4 will be up until it has been identified.  This site will be up until the new website is ready for launch.  Again, thank you for playing - now it's time to make more games, and look for sponsors!  See you soon!

Date Posted: Tue 06-Aug-08 11:30
has garnered almost 700 hits (repeat and new visitors) since its inception; it’s a slow but good start considering that I’ve only released the games only to friends.   The hits are mostly local but have since seen hits from as far as Japan, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, California, Idaho, & Oregon!   

I’ve also received a few e-mails from people who made some quite nice and encouraging remarks about the PIQId games.   I’ll be posting those on the website as well…

The game’s progress is on schedule, albeit I got bogged down a couple of times due to other projects – not to mention the Blue Angels last week.  A few more games and I’ll be ready to publicize PIQId on the papers.  By then, I’ll be preparing to approach potential sponsors.

Date Posted: Mon 28-Jul-08 20:00
I’ll be posting more pix and clues/facts soon. I digressed on another project with “The Deadliest Catch’s” new coffee brand, “The Deadliest Brew” – splendeadly coffee!  Visit -t www.deadliestbrew.com.

Date Posted: Fri 25-Jul-08 00:45
I’m developing more games that will include: Multiple Choice, SatNav XY, X Marks The Spot (scavenger hunt), PhotoMathic (math problems), PhotoSynthesis, 1000 Words,  and many more. Each category will have different levels and prize values. The higher the stakes, the harder the games become.  Pique your brain; use any resources that are available to you. Research, read between the lines; the answer maybe facing you right in the face. Happy learning!

Date Posted: Wed, 23-Jul-08 23:33
Piqpix (Place In Question PIX) will be transitioning to the new official website - PIQID.com. PIQID (pik-i-dee) stands for Photo Intelligence Quotient IDentification (Photo IQ ID). The transition will reflect the development changes and expansion of the games.  The games won't be limited to identifying just places but will also include identifying everything; of course, you'll be faced with some trivia and   presented with historical facts that you can use to find the answers.  PIQID is a free game that challenges your knowledge and encourages you to exercise your deductive reasoning skills.