Empty Room

The video is still set to the original soundtrack from the live Let's Jam! show.
I'm  currently re-recording the song in the studio and hope to finish soon.

For those involved in this project, my apologies for taking almost 2 months to finish this.
I lost momentum when I got sick for 5 weeks.  But, we're back on track!
Again, thank you for helping make this video happen!

Anna Austin - principal character
Omid - shadow (indoor scenes)
Ric Ohlfs - shadow (park scenes)
Ivonne Jurado - extra shadow (1st person angle on the stairs)

Zonnie Toledo - writer, director, producer, dp, casting, cam, editor
Henry Bautista - cam 1
Vince Fesalbon - asst. director, cam 2
Ed Caliwag - cam 3

words & music by Zonnie Toledo 1991, 2008

[Double click on the video for full screen]

-- Video Stills --





Re-introducing Let's Jam! (v1.5).  Version 2 is currently being filmed...

Camera: Tripod

Music: Zonnie Toledo - "She Likes Somebody Else"


Behind The Scenes: Making of "Empty Room" music video.
"The Swing & Shadow Scene"

Camera:  Vince Fesalbon & Zonnie Toledo
Mic Boom: Vince Fesalbon

Music: Sweetbox / Jade Valerie - "Human Sacrifice"

Building A Recording Studio - "Zeismic Wave Media Lab"

Camera: Vince Fesalbon

Music: Jade Valerie - "Show Me"



Behind the scenes stills



Copyright 2008 Zonnie Toledo

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