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Welcome to the Let's Jam Show.  I'm Zonnie Toledo, the principal composer & arranger for all the music you'll find here. I'll take you behind the scenes of music and video productions;  from when I conceptualise a tune in my head to the process of producing the music to the final master.  I hear music in my head constantly, some influenced by other music, and some just come out of nowhere.  It is most gratifying hearing these music ideas in my head and tangibly hear it outside of me.  In that regard, it's quite a bit fun and I hope you also enjoy the music.  I've been composing music since my latter part of my junior year in high school. 
I started out with a small Casio 4-octave mini keyboard that my aunt bought me.  Since then, I've been accumulating music and recording gears.  It's quite an expensive hobby as you might imagine but it's all an investment, I figured.  Now, it's time to buckle down and make some music with you!  This show is an ambitiously fun edeavour and I hope that you'll enjoy the music and the adventure of music and video productions with me and my friends.  I'm also looking for other musicians and song writers to collaborate with. I'm also looking to discover the next diva or divO, for that matter.  If you are a versatile singer that can also write your own original songs and perhaps play an instrument, please do contact me and we'll see about fitting you in the show.  I have high ambitions for the Let's Jam Show and hope to take y'all with me in this fun-filled adventure.  Now, let's jam!  ~Z


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News & Videos

06-June-10: Producing a song I've been writing in my head since 19 Feb 10,  hence the current title  "Feb 19, 2010".  I need some proper lyrics and a female vocals to sing it.  Specifically looking for a voice similar to Evanescence or Paramore.   If you wish to submit your lyrics or voice auditions, please email me at:   If you are sending an mp3 file, please send it to:  Only the selected lyrics and vocal submissions will be notified.  Thank you!

Video Info:  Part 1 - Sequencing,  Part 2 - Recording

For comments, suggestions,
Ratings, or subscriptions,
Visit my YouTube page.
Danke very mucho!


15-May-10: Introducing my new song - "Coffee & Roses".  (Guitar Version)


For comments, suggestions,
Ratings, or subscriptions,
Visit my YouTube page.
Danke very mucho!


21-Feb-10: Thank you for your visit.  I can't believe it has been almost a year since I've updated this page.  Lots of significant changes in my life - like getting married!  Too bad I can't play at my own wedding.  Scrambling like crazy and funds are quite low, so trying to figure out everything.  I'll be resuming this project after the wedding.  Lot's to catch up on.


EITHER you were led here by my "Bridal March" video on YouTube.  You can download a high quality mp3 of it for free using this link.  Unfortunately, I still don't have it scored on paper, yet.  My apologies...

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OR, you found my new song "I Wanna Drive Just Like Jeremy Clarkson".  :-)    Here's a short scratch track that I did before I took my studio down.  I can't wait to get it back up so I can finish it! 



Let's Jam Project: Update on Sola Mi video.  Sequencing drum tracks & piano.  Also adding a C part to break the monotony of the song.   Notice I'm still using my 17 year old Commodore Amiga 3000 running Dr. T's KCS Level II sequencer!  There's nothing better!

I'm joined by my friends Ken Curtiss on the acoustic guitar and Jerby Baello on the electric guitar.  Ed Caliwag on the cams.   "Sola Mi" is essentially finished.  I just need lyrics and a female singer to complete the production.  I'll be opening this song for anyone who can add the lyrics.  Check back later for more details.

Visit my YouTube page for the latest Let's Jam video previews.


07-May-09: It's been a while since I've updated this site.  I'm designing the new  Let's Jam Show websites that will reflect the new format of Let's Jam that will be launched this summer.   We've been filming more footage for the new shows.    For now, you can visit my YouTube page for the latest Let's Jam video previews.


Music Videos

It's a wrap!  Thank you all for making this music video happen!  Now, time to edit!




A Time Out Productions, 2008
Featuring Anna Austin

Anna Austin

Principal Character, Female Shadow
Ric Ohlfs
Male Shadow - The Park
Male Shadow - Empty Room, Stills
Ivonne Jurado
Extra Shadow - The Stairs

Zonnie Toledo

Writer, Director, Producer, DP, Casting, Editing, Stills
Location Scout
, Cinenatographer
Vince Fesalbon
Asst. Director, Cam 2 (Panasonic GS500) *

Henry Baustista

Cinematographer - Cam 1 (Canon XL-1s)

Ed Caliwag

Cam 3 (Panasonic GS320)

Greenwood Park
Phinney Neighborhood Association

Format: MiniDV, Standard Definition, 16:9
Adapter: 50mm DOF on Panasonic GS500 *
Effects: Black & White, Sepia, Color Graded, fast fade to white transitions 

Words & Music by Zonnie Toledo,
© 1991

Piano – Zonnie Toledo
Vocals – Zonnie Toledo*


What Is

Let’s Jam! is an infotainment/talk/quasi-reality/video magazine web show about everything music & video productions.  It’s basically a music TV show about the music – what MTV should be.

The show was conceptualised last Christmas week 2007.  I made some proof of concept videos last March 2008. The videos I’ve made thus far were filmed “live”, unrehearsed and unscripted…  I originally intended to have a VLOG feel to the show but I’d definitely want to have an intelligible, TV-style format to the show.  I have high ambitions for Let’s Jam! and I hope to continue garnering hits and attract myriads of audience. 

  Making of the next hit song (viewers can submit ideas and vote in the 5 best submissions that I'll pick)
- Winner or Filler? - will the song be considered a winner or just another filler?  Let the audience decide!
-  Audition - discovering new talents (once a song is finished, I’ll audition for the voice and face of the song with the help of the viewers)
  Building a recording studio and professional media production computers
-  Master Class - guests ranging from electricians, sound engineers, performers, to entertainment lawyers and talk about various topics
-  Garage Band - interview and showcase guest performers and bands

-  60 Hertz - a short 60 second review on tech
gadgets, venues, bands, artists, albums, etc.

-  Indie 10 (Top 10 Indie bands/songs) – counting down the top 10 indie songs
- Sessions - short videos of live jam sessions

-  ViBE- Video Bulletin
Express service – we produce and showcase artist’s short video resume as an insert advert

-  Music lovers from 16 and older
-  Musicians, Performers, and Artists
-  Producers
-  Record Labels
-  Entertainment Industry Executives

Auditioning For Female Co-Hosts

I'm currently auditioning for female co-hosts.

This is a free gig.  I'm offering experience and exposure at this time with future possibilities.
Let's Jam! is your working resume and you can include it in your portfolio.

- Age 18 to 35
- Attractive
- Good wit with spectacular personality to keep me on my toes
- Have a passion for music
- Some knowledge and experience with music performance or production
- Can sing or at least, keep a note






Empty Room
Duration: 4' 47"


An unplugged piano edition of an old song.  This is the very first time I sang this song with a piano.  It has now become my favourite piece to play (and sing and I'm not much for singing).


Copyright © 1991 Zonnie Toledo
Remember when we used to laugh and play?  We thought that it would last forever; we were having such a good time.  Yeah, we had our share of tears; But we've always pulled through together; nothing can take us away.  But now it's all over, it's time to end the game, 'cause it's all over.  An empty room, we've all been turned to shadows, an empty room, an empty room, we're only memories for tomorrow, an empty room.  I can hear our voices whisper in the wind, as memories haunt my mind, our laughter echoes from the walls of this...  Empty room (x2), I've turned into an empty room, an empty room.  But now it's all over; it's time to close my eyes and dream about you, 'cause you'll always live inside this... Empty Room (repeat to fade).


Glenn Miller, George & Ira Gershwin Medley
Duration: 10' 07"

SCC Chamber Chorale, Spring Recital, 1995.
String Of Pearls, Taking A Chance On Love, I've Got Rhythm, They Can't Take That Away From Me, Nice Work If You Can Get It, S'wonderful, Fascinating Rhythm.


When I Fall In Love I Fall In Love"
Duration: 02' 48"

SCC Chamber Chorale, Spring Recital, 1995.
Noelle (Firstenberg) Becker performing another classic, accompanied by me.


What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
Duration: 02' 56"

SCC Chamber Chorale, Spring Recital, 1995.
Monika Pettersson performing a classic, accompanied by me.


Fairy Tale (with a long winded, unintelligible intro)
Duration: 03' 28"

SCC Chamber Chorale, Spring Recital, 1995.
My original composition, featuring Elise Wakefield.

Copyright © 1994 Zonnie Toledo

Fairy Tale
Duration: 02' 26"


SCC Chamber Chorale, Spring Recital, 1995.
My original composition, featuring Elise Wakefield.

[PLAY MP3] (Instrumental version)
Copyright © 1994 Zonnie Toledo

Arranging Pateado
Duration: 04' 43"


My original arrangement of the traditional Filipino folk music & dance, Pateado.
Copyright © 1995 Zonnie Toledo

A Hymn
Duration: 02' 12"


My original composition. Perhaps inspired by the hymn "Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing".

Copyright © 2004 Zonnie Toledo


The Bridal March
Duration: 01' 32"


My arrangement of Richard Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" from Lohengrin.
I've been getting a lot of requests for an MP3 copy, so - you can now download this music for
free!  All I ask is that all credits be made accordingly.  Please leave a comment and rate my videos on YouTube.  Thank you kindly!
Copyright © 1993 Zonnie Toledo

* * * THE BRIDAL MARCH MP3 * * *
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Let's Jam!
Duration: 06' 00"


A pre-production test run. I'm still trying to formulate the format and flow of the show.


Copyright © 2008 Zonnie Toledo

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