Aural Illusion - Original Sound Effects Archive
These collections of original sound effects are available as free license.  All I ask is for all credits and recognitions be referenced to The Z Station.  Thank you!


EQUIPMENT:  Sony MZ-R37 & MZ-R90 MiniDISC recorders + Sony ECM907 & ECM957 digital stereo electret microphones
Sound Clip           File Info                Description                                                          

  Brooke    0.24MB - 00:00:14     A peaceful sound of running water taken at Carkeek Park                   

  Waves    1.34MB - 00:01:25     The sound of Puget Sound's powerful waves at Carkeek Park

  Birds    0.70MB - 00:00:45     Birds singing at Gravely Lake

  Train    1.60MB - 00:01:42     A passing train at Golden Gardens Beach Park (used in "Train Attack Scene")

  Blue Angels    0.45MB - 00:00:28     A Blue Angels FA-18 jet fly by

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All sounds recorded & mastered by Zonnie Toledo
Copyright 2004 The Z Station