Dating Rating in Seattle
by Datezilla


On a scale of 1-10 how do locations in Seattle rate for a date?


-        Wayward Coffee House 8570 Greenwood Ave N - 9.  It is located comfortably on Greenwood Ave and would be an accessible place to meet for a first date.  The walls are colored with calming tones.  Soothing music fills the high ceiling rooms so that two people can get close for a personal conversation.   There is also an assortment of board games available so that people can show their true colors!


-         Giggles Comedy Club 5220 Roosevelt Way NE - 8.  Just walking distance from the University and a hike away from Green Lake.  Giggles is a perfect way to start a light hearted date.  Ladies should remember to bring your own wipies for the table as well as your appetite, the portions are huge!  You are sure to get an ab workout, as you are sure to get some good gut busting laughs.


-         The Big Picture 2505 First Avenue 10! (For 21 and up, ONLY)!  This movie theatre is located downtown, beneath El Gaucho Restaurant.  A couple can watch a movie in the most comfortable seats in Seattle while being waited on for drinks, garlic popcorn and/or candy. Your evening will be complete when accompanied by a lavish dinner or appetizer upstairs.


-         The Little Red Hen 7115 Woodlawn Ave NE - 9.  This country bar is the best kept secret in the history of Seattle.  Live music plays 7 days a week, including Christmas and New Years Eve.  If you don’t know how to two step or do the Cowboy Cha Cha, no worries, they’ll teach you.  Lessons are Sundays and Tuesdays and they’re always happy to teach new pardners’ the steps.  This little bar provides the homey feeling of a small town in a big city.  Come to the place where everyone knows my name.


-         Cowgirls Inc. 421 1st Ave S, Seattle - 5.  DO NOT BRING YOUR DARLIN' HERE.    This place is a fun factory for attractive women that bare practically everything and their gawkers.  On the other hand, it’s  lots of fun to yuck it up with a pack of wild women who don’t give a f*%? what others think.  They can ride the bull and have lots of fun colorful drinks.  The true brave or drunk souls will get up on the bar to add to memories that will last a lifetime!