He's Right, She's Right
The title says it all.  A men v. women discussion/debate of our daily topics of our show. Taped in front of a live audience.

Shout Out!
He's Right, She's Right's MOS segment.  We ask YOU to shout out your thoughts about the topics we are discussing.

My Seattle Life
The next "Friends" on the Internet.
A story about single friends who are living the daily struggles of Seattle Life. 

Puppies Anonymous
To most people, we have the capacity to say "No" but to those few, we are like puppies eager to please and take command.  Which one are you - a big dog or a puppy? 

Rock On!/Garage Band Galaxy
A quick review of some of the greatest independent artists who deserves to be heard and exposed.

I Ed

Experience the life of Ed.

Vibro - The Under Superhero
Just a Joe who just want to help others.  A boy scout, sheltered and a bit naive when it comes to explicit innuendos.  He discovers his special powers when he was electrocuted and couldn't stop having muscle spasms. 

Secret 'G' Spots
Review of the many great "hidden" places of where to take that special someone.

MANy Excuses
Get expert advice from the man with MANy Excuses.

Ask Aunt Nat
If you have any dating and relationship questions, ask Aunt Nat. 

Dating Do's & Don't
Humourous tip clips of what or what not to do on a date.

Segway Dating Game
Hop on board the two wheeled wonder chariot.  Joust to the end and win the prize.

Almost TV
Giving 15 seconds of fame to the fine folks of Seattle.  Do you want to be on Almost TV?

Cool Beans
Nominate your favourite Barista in town!

The Resident Tourist
Armed with a map, camera, & dressed with a garb that stands out from the crowd, you'd think that you're dealing with a tourist, guess again...

Daters Anonymous
Anyone can join this special support group for those who can't get a date.

The Hair Dresser
There's no one who listens to one's problems than your hair dresser or barber.